Powerworx’s technical features

Wiring & Ranges Wiring 5 wires L1, L2, L3, N, T
Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker 4 poles C16
Rated voltage (Un) 400 Vac @ 50 Hz
Working range From -20% Un to +10% Un
Reactive power compensation Max three-phase reactive power 10 kVA
Manual or automatic reactive power correction from 0,5 to 10 kVAr
Consumption Standby 12 VA
Run 90 VA
Energy efficiency > 98,5 %
Operating conditions Temperature -10°C + 55°C
Max altitude 2000 m above sea level
Relative humidity 0 a 90% uncondensed
Data interface Ethernet type 100 BaseT
Connector RJ45
Voltage inputs Number of channels 3 P +N+T
Overloading +20% permanent
Terminal blocks removable 7,65 mm
Current inputs from CT Number of channels 3 (L1, L2, L3)
Transducers split core CT
CT ratio 3000:1
Terminal blocks removable 3,81 mm
Rated primary current 0.1 - 200A
Internal diameter 16 - 24 mm
Maximum phase current (balanced) 200 Arms
Maximum measured load (threephase balanced) 138 kVA
Wiring calbles length 1,5 m
Terminals plugs 5 mm
Measure Phase locked synchronous sampling Converters A/D 13 bit
Compliance EN61557-12 (PMD_SD)
Accuracy class Voltage Class 0,5
Current Class 1
Active and reactive power Class 2
Frequency Class 0,5
Voltage and Current harmonics, THD Class 5
Clock Format yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss
Sincronization from NTP
User Interface Switch Run/Standby
LED green POWER Power (led ON in case of correct electronics supply voltage)
LED red WARNING Alarm (led ON in case of wrong phase sequence and/or mismatched CT coupling)
LED green RUN led ON when reactive power correction is active (run mode active)
LED red FAULT Fault
LED yellow MODEM Modem status (if internal modem installed)
Safety Standard EN61010-1
Voltage inputs CAT III / 300 V
IP degree IP44, IP55 on request
Terminals IP20 (EN60529), IP55 on frequest
EMC Emissions EN61000–6–4
Immunity EN61000–6–2
Enclosure Size 320 x 550 x 200 mm
Material Metal
Weight 20 Kg
Reliability MTBF 33 years
Avg. lifetime 8 years